Served until 12:00. One drink of choice included; coffee/citrus juice  
Omelet extras: vegetable: 2 NIS, cheese:3 NIS  
Enlarge your coffee for 3 NIS  
 * extra tapas for additional cost  
Coffee & Homemade pastry/Half a sandwich 24
For Almond/cheese pastry add 2 NIS, for salmon sandwich add5 NIS  
Muesli- homemade Granola with nuts, raisins, grains and cranberries, covered with freshly cut fruit of the season, glazed with date honey your choice of  3.5% fat Yogurt or Soy milk 39
The Israeli Breakfast- 2 eggs of your choice, vegetable salad, rich Feta cheese and 3 tapas of the day, served with our homemade bread 48
The Israeli Breakfast for 2- a rich breakfast with 2 servings of eggs of your choice, well seasoned vegetable salad, rich Feta cheese, 5 tapas of the day served with our homemade bread. Includes 1 hot drink and 1 juice 98
Yaffo Breakfast-  Israeli salad with red onion, home made Burekitos filled with cheese, a hard boiled egg, tomato salsa and olives 48
New York Brioche- Paris & Brooklyn climax; Rich butter Brioche bread, cream cheese, red onion, smoked Salmon, and to top it all 2 eggs sunny side  up. Served with a green salad in our house dressing 48
Shakshuka - cooked fresh tomato and onion sauce with 2 soft eggs, Served with diced vegetable salad, olives, tahini, spicy sauce and bread. 56
Add feta cheese for 7 NIS  
Eggplant Shakshuka - cooked fresh tomato and onion sauce with a whole rousted eggplant, Served with diced vegetable salad, olives, tahini, spicy sauce and bread. 58
Sandwichesare served in white Ciabatta with a green salad and include 1 drink of choice (coffee or citrus juice)  
Sabich sandwich - homemade tahini sauce over roasted eggplant, hard boiled egg and tomato slices with chopped parsley 44
Omelet sandwich - cream cheese, tomato and lettuce 44
Antipasti sandwich -eggplant, rousted peppers, sweet potato and baby leaves on pesto 44
Salmon sandwich- cream cheese, diced red onion, Norwegian smoked salmon, tomato, lettuce, and a touch of capers 51
Open Face Mozzarella Toast  - garlic butter mozzarella cheese and tomato 49
Open Face Goat Cheese Toast - pesto, mozzarella cheese, goat cheese and tomato 49
A Luxury Brunch – Fridays only! 79
A luxurious open buffet served all day with unlimited coffee and juice